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US Senate votes to begin debating Obamacare repeal • Business Standard

by Hadley Heath Manning

"By opening up debate, Senators have the opportunity to consider a variety of ideas that will undo the harms of ObamaCare."

Statement: Independent Women’s Voice Applauds Senate Vote on Motion to Proceed on ObamaCare Repeal

by Victoria R. Coley

"This is a debate that we all want our legislators to have, with the ultimate result of greater choices, lower costs, and more secure and higher quality health care for all...

Congress is exempt from ObamaCare. This must END.

by Lauren Zelt

The Congressional exemption is not fair, it’s not right, and it’s shielding Congress from feeling the pain that everyday Americans feel under ObamaCare. It must STOP.

Force Congress’s Hand on Health Care • Rush Limbaugh Show

by Heather Higgins

Heather Higgins' latest op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Force Congress’s Hand on Health Care, was discussed on the July 24th Rush Limbaugh Show.

Money & Ethics in Trump White House • MSNBC Live

GOP to Unveil Healthcare Plans But Some Conservatives Pushing Back • Coast to Coast


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